Let them eat cake?

So the wedding planning is in full swing. We are having some non traditional things at our wedding I guess. For instance we are not having a receiving line or a first dance, plus our wedding venue is fairly unconventional.

Neither of us are big into sweet things; I definitely have a savoury tooth and so does the fiancé, B. We looked at some cakes but eventually decided to research alternatives. A mooch on Pinterest led to some interesting ideas, ranging from funky cake pops to a tower of sushi!

Eventually though we settled on the idea of having a cheese wedding cake. Often we just have whole meals comprised of cheese (one reason we have both joined slimming world this January!); in fact this New Year’s Eve our dinner involved five different cheeses with chutneys and crackers 😄 HEAVEN!

With both of us firmly set on cheese, the really focused research began. Marks and Spencer’s (sorry non-UK readers) do two very reasonable cheese cakes, with many of the reviews stating that they served many more than the suggested portion stated online.

Ultimately though we went for an amazing tower of cheese from The Cheese Shed. They have an amazing selection of cheeses and their cheese cake builder tool is fantastic, as you can switch in your own favourites and get an instant update on how many people your ‘cake’ will feed/price etc. We went ahead and ordered and they got back to us straight away to double check dates and delivery details, and have been very helpful and friendly. I am really looking forward to seeing our guests’ reaction on out wedding day….

…although they’ll have to fight me and the new hubby if they want to actually eat any of it! 🙂

Big love,

DIY Bride x


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