…I wish I actually lived in the series Downton Abbey. I sometimes feel like I was born a hundred or so years too late, and I absolutely adore the history, clothes, and old-fashioned social customs shown in the show.

I dragged my fiancĂ© around the stately home that Downton Abbey is filmed at last year (when he was my boyfriend, and he still asked me to marry him!). For those who don’t know/aren’t as nerdy as me, Highclere Castle in Berkshire is the location used for all of the external shots, as well as in the library and dining room scenes. I think that the rest is filmed on a set.

It was a gorgeous sunny day and it really was like stepping into an episode of Downton Abbey…I expected Isis the pooch to come bounding around the corner at any moment. If I could, I would have thrown on a 1920s dress and totally gotten into character!

It would be a stunning place to get married, but a little (read: A LOT ) out of our price range.

At any rate, I’ll remember how gorgeous the views were for a long time to come.

Big love,

DIY Bride x



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