Guess who’s coming to dinner?

One of the reasons we chose out venue (aside from its beautiful setting and non-traditional vibe) was the food. I had eaten there in the past and the food was very good value for the price. Then I attended a party held there by a work colleague and was very impressed with the atmosphere, staff and the quality of the buffet provided. Since we booked our wedding there we have eaten there three times with various people and everyone has been really pleased with their meals, so all in all I am convinced we have made the right choice.

The really unusual thing about the venue is that they give you the option to let your guests choose their food for the wedding breakfast. Although I’ve been to some fantastic weddings where everyone eats the same meal (most notably my best friend’s weddings at Hotel du Vin in Birmingham in October, where we had a divine dish of slow cooked pork with prunes and potato fondant – lush!), we really liked the idea of our guests choosing their starter, main and dessert themselves. There is a £25, £35 or £45 a head menu with 4-5 dishes to choose from for each course. The wedding manager said we could change any of the dishes to another dish on the restaurant menu also, if we didn’t like any of the options.

Our invitations will have a simple insert where guests can make their menu choices and return them to us. This leads onto one of my favourite things…a spreadsheet! I know, I am a nerd. I can’t help myself. Within a fortnight of being engaged I had a spreadsheet of venues within 30 miles of our home, detailing addresses, web links, any upcoming open days, rough coatings etc. I also had a budget spreadsheet listing every aspect of our big day as well as estimated and actual costs, and details of any deposits paid. Are you getting the picture now?

I figured from past experience organising staff Christmas meals that most people would forget what they had ordered by the time our wedding date rolled around, so the plan is to have menus on the tables with each person’s name and what they ordered inside. I found a great website to get menu covers from (and they have a sale on), called ‘Imagine Doing It Yourself’ and bagged 12 menu covers for a bargain-ous £3.60!

To display the menus I wanted something cute and unusual, and these mini easels definitely fitted the bill. They arrived this week and they are really adorable, and surprisingly well made considering the price!

My advice: shop around, and do it yourself…there are some bargains to be had, and all of it will hopefully add up to a wedding that feels very special and really personal to you as a couple.

Big love,

DIY Bride x






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