Tracy Weston Photography

Tracy Weston Photography

Our fantastic photographer is Tracy Weston. I read her blog and follow her on Facebook, and when me and B got engaged I immediately thought of her for our photography.

I strongly urge you to check out her website. The images are breathtaking, and you can feel in every photograph the care and attention that has been put into them. I think that the bride and groom’s personalities have really been captured, and I love how her work captures the little details and makes them beautiful. After all, if you’ve spent hours crafting all these little projects, it is nice for them to be showcased eh? I also love the mix of relaxed posed shots, and candid action shots of guests just enjoying themselves and being present in the day.

After doing some research I realised that I really liked natural light photography. I read somewhere that photography is like painting with light, and I think that once you’ve seen the shots on the blog you’ll definitely agree that this applies here.

I also guess that the most important thing is that I am really looking forward to hanging out on the day, having fun, and hopefully getting some stunning images.

I know that I’m gushing a bit, but to be honest, I just hope that you’re as lucky as me in finding your perfect wedding photographer.

Big love,

DIY Bride x


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