Healthy competition is all well and good…

Healthy competition is all well and good...

…but I for one have noticed that brides seem to be getting more and more competitive about their weddings.

I have overheard people saying “the food was better at our wedding”, or “this venue isn’t as nice as the wedding we went to last month”. Comparison is inevitable, however in my experience it seems to find a negative outlet in some people.

Especially in the age of blogs, Facebook, Pinterest and Google, there certainly is a mass of information and ideas on the “perfect” or “best” wedding. It is very easy to be caught up in this maelstrom and to become almost obsessed with having the “best” guestbook, or the “most impressive” decor, or the “perfect” band. Budgets can go out of the window in the pursuit of this media-constructed ideal.

I think that the most important thing to remember is the main reason why you are getting married…you met someone and fell in love with them, and together you have made the decision to spend your life together. Your wedding day is probably the biggest party you will ever throw, but at the heart of that celebration is the fact that you are GETTING MARRIED. Everything else is just extras. As long as the two of you are having a fantastic time and are sublimely happy, then that will shine through the rest of the day and filter through into your guests’ experiences.

It’s natural to want your guests to have a fantastic time. However, if you suspect that they will be more concerned with comparing your wedding to others, or making negative comments about your food choices than enjoying your day (than quite frankly being thrilled and honoured to be there), then perhaps it might be time to take a red pen to your guest list?

Keep things in perspective, and remember: try to rise above unproductive comparison.

Big love,

DIY Bride x


2 thoughts on “Healthy competition is all well and good…

  1. In my humble opinion people who are vocal when drawing comparisons between weddings are generally ungrateful. They don’t realise that as a guest they are in a privileged position in that they are attending a ceremony where only a handful of the bride and groom’s family and friends are in attendance. It is an honour and as such should be treated as so. Any bride who has the cheek to say ‘well my wedding was much better because of a, b & c’ would probably have the smugness wiped off their faces if they were to ask any of their guests for their honest opinion (guests who are under the influence of a truth serum).

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