Does this sound familiar to any of you?

Does this sound familiar to any of you?

It may well do!

I have two close friends who are planning their weddings at the same time as me, and the female half of all three of our relationships seem to be doing the bulk of the wedding planning and decision making.

However, all three hubbies to be are quite keen to get involved in decisions about wedding rings, suits and music. B, my fiance, decided on our table names which in turn led to our whole wedding ‘theme’. Perhaps the main issue is that I want to be involved in every single decision, and that I am really, REALLY enjoying researching, planning, buying and crafting the different elements of our big day? I am not the kind of girl who could let him make all of the decisions; I’m too much of a control freak (oi, stop nodding along!). But maybe if I wasn’t as bothered he would be the one stepping up and doing it all?

I guess we might never get to the bottom of the answer to this question: do women do the bulk of the wedding planning because men aren’t interested, or because we don’t give them the opportunity to help? B will certainly be given the opportunity (read: plea) to help when I am making 70 invitations and 60 sets of favours; as will several of our friends and family no doubt. I guess that’s the main point here: asking for help and delegating jobs will be crucial to stop any bridezilla-like stress meltdowns I might potentially have. The control freak in me just needs to learn to ask for help…

…wish me luck.

Big love,
DIY Bride x


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