Wedding Invitations…

Wedding Invitations...

So I spent yesterday afternoon drawing eight possible designs for our wedding invitations. I took inspiration from Pinterest mainly, as well as from the theme/colours of our wedding (we are doing a book/literature theme; our base colours are white and gold, with many colours added in from the wildflowers that will be used throughout the venue as decoration).

While travelling through the rabbit-hole that is the internet* I found this awesome website – Cute Maps (

Their designs are so fun and original, it makes me wish we had the budget to have bespoke invitations made for us. It’s such a fab idea that I thought I’d share it with you guys though – let me know if you use them for your wedding! 🙂

Big love,

DIY Bride x

* I won’t mention the hours I spent watching videos of hilarious cats/ice skating/amazing singers/Pharell Williams, or reading mindless trash on Buzzfeed and Lamebook. There was a considerable amount of time spent on Etsy also (as per usual), but I figured that I can write that off as ‘research’?


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