Has Spring finally sprung?

I don’t know about the weather where you live, but in Birmingham it has been a b…e…a…utiful day (to coin a phrase from ‘The Truman Show’)! I went out into the garden and did some pruning – I know, get me being all grown up and everything!

We live in a new build, which means that when you move in you’re garden is pretty much a square of patio and a square of grass. Dullsville.

So after over a year living there, me and my very handy brother decided to so the garden last summer. We doubled the size of the patio, put in trellising, hanging brackets, raised beds, a border, plants, big pots, bunting and lanterns. It’s tiring me out just remembering that week of work. It was also insanely warm, so big thanks to my bro were definitely in order!

Anywho, it was so lovely today that the bunnies got to go and play outside for the first time in weeks. It’s just been too wet and windy and downright miserable. I know what some of you are probably thinking: “they’re animals; bunnies are used to living outside!”. Well not ours. They are totally spoiled and spend their evenings either stretched out next to a radiator, eating mammoth-sized salads, or lying on a warm podgy lap watching Grand Designs. 

Here are some piccies of them enjoying the garden today, and I’ve also put a few in from when the garden was first done last summer. Enjoy!










Big love,

DIY Bride x


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