Jam Jar Lights…


A couple of weeks ago I went to London with one of my besties to try to find her THE dress for her wedding. We went to the David’s Bridal flagship UK store in Westfield Stratford…but I’ll save a post on David’s Bridal for another day. To cut a long story short we had 5+ hours travelling to try on five or six dresses (which were beautiful but none of them were ‘the perfect dress’). After a busy day, you can guess what we needed…wine!

We hauled our butts from Birmingham New Street train station to our usual stomping ground – Moseley Village. Once settled in the Fighting Cocks fairy-light-lit beer garden we started to put the world to rights over a bucket of vino.

While my friend popped to the bar I got chatting to a girl called Sarah who was sitting on the table next to me, who happened to be waiting for her friend (and business partner Katie, who is also lovely) to return also. It turned out that Sarah and Katie run a company that designs and provides bespoke lighting for weddings (amongst other things)…it really is a small world isn’t it?

Cue an hour-long conversation on wedding planning, Birmingham, and life in general. This involved copious amounts of wine and cackling. I got a business card from them and had a nose online – their website is really cute and their lighting would really make an eye-catching design feature on your wedding day.

Here’s the link in case you fancy a peek: http://www.jamjarlights.com.

Big love,

DIY Bride x


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