A case of style…

…well I think so.

We have been thinking about what sort of thing to have for our guests to put cards into. There are so many creative ideas out there – I’ve seen weddings where there have been American mailboxes, red Royal-Mail-style post boxes, bird cages, and even Tardis-shaped card boxes. I’m sure you have seen a huge variety of ideas at the weddings that you have been to. Some weddings just have a table, which is perfectly suitable obviously, however it seems to have become a trend to make a feature of whatever you choose to have for your guests to deposit cards in.

I liked the idea of making a bit of a feature of our card receptacle, not only because I LOVE sorting out wedding stuff, but also to show our guests that we really appreciate their cards. I am really looking forward to sitting in bed the morning after our wedding, opening cards with my husband (squee!!!) and reading all of the lovely messages from our nearest and dearest.

As always, I have spent a bit (okay, a lot) of time on Pinterest looking at decor ideas, however we stumbled across a solution completely randomly at the weekend. We were out for the day with my in-laws-to-be, and we popped into this massive warehouse near us that sells furniture/garden equipment and supplies/home decorations/everything really! They sell things at discounted prices and have some really nice stuff (and some tat also!).

As we were walking around, B spotted some leather cases. They were super heavy and felt like really good quality suitcases…so we bought one on the spur of the moment. I couldn’t believe how cheap they were either. The plan is to put the bunny bride and groom (mentioned in an earlier post of mine – http://thediybrideblogger.com/2014/02/09/how-darling-is-this/) next to or inside the case, and to hang a homemade banner or string of bunting that reads ‘cards’ or maybe ‘thank you’ across the inside of the lid.

I will post pics of the ‘finished look’ once I have made the bunting (which I plan to do over Easter), but here’s a look at the case for now.

Hope you like it!




Big love,

DIY Bride x


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