Inked brides?

As a fan of tattoos and tattooed bridal parties, I am very excited to be sporting my ink in our wedding photos, but what do you lot think? I had had my latest tatt last Saturday, and am planning at least one more piece before the wedding. I imagine that some of our guest might think that I should cover my tatts with make up, or wear a dress that doesn’t show them off. Have any of you encountered this? Or seen it at weddings with a tattooed bride/groom/bridesmaids? Some guests even have been instructed to hide their ink so as not to “spoil” any pics. I’d love to hear what you think.

Big love,

DIY Bride x

P.s. Here’s some pics of my tatts in case you fancy a nosy!




image image image


5 thoughts on “Inked brides?

  1. My maid of honour has a tattoo across one of her feet, and I love how it’ll contrast with the pretty, girly dresses I’ve chosen! Jx

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