Apologies for the lack of recent posts. This doesn’t reflect a lack of DIYing, more a lack of time to blog about them!

It’s been a crazy few months in the DIY Bride household…I started a new job in January, and since then have been doing a lot of work at home to get up to speed in my new role, alongside house painting, doing home improvements and getting an internal promotion. As well as this I have been doing a LOT of physiotherapy following a surgery I had in October.

I had the second of two surgeries on Thursday, and as such am signed off work for a few weeks. Hopefully in my less drugged-up moments I will have the time to blog about five exciting projects I have done since my last full post.

Thanks for sticking around!

Big love,

DIY Bride x

P.S. In case you’ve missed my crazy bunny lady ways – which I doubt – here is a pic of two of my bunnies (Big Lad and his wife Night Fury) enjoying the lovely British sunshine this afternoon.




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