Thirty for 30…




As I turned 30 a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d do a special post with thirty things (some of) you might not know about me…

1. My favourite colour is green…at one point I owned pretty much every possible item of clothing in shades of green.

2. My favourite movie is Casablanca (expect a later post on this).

3. I used to be horribly afraid of heights, until I faced down my fear on a friends birthday trip to Go Ape. I was shaking like a leaf and I took all of the easier routes (when there was a choice between easy and hard), but I did it! I’ve been back since and really enjoyed it.

4. We had a tortoiseshell cat called Tatters growing up. She put up with a lot – one time we dressed her up in clothes made out of newspaper. In retrospect, she had the patience of a saint.

5. I’m 5ft 8 and have size 8 feet. They help me not to fall over (as much).

6. I really enjoy cooking but don’t get much time for this during the week due to the day job. When I do find time, I love to cook homemade burgers, tagine, fishcakes, risotto and pizza.

7. I suffer sporadically from labyrinthitis. I had my first attack about 4 years ago following a mini cruise with my now-fiancé and it really is a horrendous illness. Even when sitting or lying down it feels like the whole world is spinning and see-sawing around you. Very unpleasant. Each time it lasts about 3 weeks and then disappears…which feels like a miracle. I know it could be a lot worse; some sufferers are wheelchair bound by it and have episodes lasting years.

8. I love yoghurt and eat it every day when I’m at home. When I go away on holiday, if they don’t have any it’s one of the things that I miss.

9. I’ve seen the first Lord of the Rings film 37 times. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen Star Wars.

10. I drink black tea with no sugar…milk in tea tastes, quite frankly, gross to me! I’m also a big fan of fruit teas.

11. I have never taken a pregnancy test, and I kind of feel like I’ve missed out on some sort of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. episode/movie rite of passage. So, a bit of a random one, but I will let you know if I do any peeing on sticks in future!

12. I’ve had brown, black, pink, blue and green hair. My hair was pretty frazzled by 21, so I’ve tried to look after my locks since then and just be my natural brunette self.

13. I love having friends round for pot luck dinners, and each bringing a course to share. This usually degenerates into cackling over a game of cards against humanity, or screeching into Singstar. Sorry to our neighbours.

14. At university I had a hamster called Gandalf the White. He died during my third year, and I buried him in the local park (as we had a garden that was completely slabbed over).

15. I am a massive wuss when it comes to any sort of tension or scariness in movies or tv shows. I actually have to leave the room. It makes it unbearable to watch things like this with me as I tense up like a coiled spring. I used to try to root for the bad guy (like “kill him woo” etc.) but even that didn’t do it. I’ll stick to action movies, girlie trash, Game of Thrones and Sherlock Holmes I think.

16. I really hate white chocolate, smoked salmon, shell-on prawns and squid. That is where my fussiness ends though…I’ll eat pretty much anything else (but not rabbit!).

17. I own pretty much every Disney animated movie ever made. I tell my fiancé that they’re an investment for if/when we have kids, but really they’re just for me.

18. I used to smoke “properly” from about 17-21. I quit after uni, but occasionally when I’ve had a few too many beverages I still think it’s a good idea to spark up. My throat never thanks me for this the next day.

19. As a massive animal lover I am having a bit of a moral crisis about eating meat. I am tentatively reading into becoming vegetarian, and am interested in veganism – but the idea of giving up cheese altogether scares me! I have a few friends who are veggie/vegan and fabulous, and they are good inspiration for me on this one.

20. I would love to attend the Blogcademy next year. It’s run by three fantastic women (Kat, Gala and Shauna) who are all successful bloggers, and I am really keen to go and get their feedback on my blog.

21. I was pretty obsessed with Take That and Leonardo di Caprio as a 12-13 year old. To be honest, Gary Barlow just gets better with age. I still would.

22. My weight has fluctuated between 11 stone and nearly 18 stone. I have lost a massive amount of weight twice in my life, and managed to put on a chunk of it again each time. I’m now on my third go and am on the way back to being the lighter version of myself again. At 30, I’m determined to keep it off this time.

23. Pizza is like crack to me. This is probably why I have the problem I mentioned above!

24. I am an avid reader and always have a book on the go. When I was young I used to walk home from school reading. It’s a wonder I never got hit by a car. I was super shy and lived in the library. I read Pride & Prejudice countless times. My aunt once told me off for trying to sneakily read it at the dinner table while on a family holiday.

25. I’ve only had three serious relationships, but I think that’s enough.

26. Before we got engaged I’d never really thought about the sort of wedding I world have. As a pretty organised person this is pretty odd for me.

27. I love sushi. If you’re ever in Birmingham, check out the conveyor at Woktastic…yum!

28. Every Christmas, me and my fiancé go to the Electric Cinema in Birmingham. We book a leather sofa, get some drinks and nibbles, and watch something festive.

29. I love mulled wine, and have been known to make it all year round.

30. I love candles, and the house is completely filled with them. I can’t seem to go to IKEA without coming back with a bag bursting with them.


Inspired to share? Feel free to share something about yourself below!


Big love,

DIY Bride x










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