A literary themed wedding…

So, as some of you will know, our wedding has a book theme (with plenty of glitter, bunny rabbits, wildflowers and cheese thrown in for good measure).

There are lots of bookish aspects of our wedding – table names, ring holder, button holes, wedding readings, confetti, garlands, wedding ceremony music…the list goes on.

I wanted something to put our readings/vows/speeches into (so that we weren’t just walking about with folded up, crumpled bits of paper) and I got the idea of creating a card that looked like a Penguin book jacket. Then anything that needs to be read can simply be glued inside, plus I hope that it’ll make for some cute photos. 

Here it is…I hope that you like it!


If you’d like the template to use in your wedding, just drop me a line.

Big love,

DIY Bride x


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