Gardening and being a grown up…

It has only been since we bought our house two and a bit years ago that something strange happened. I started liking gardening.

I know.

I too thought that this was the domain of Charlie Dimmock (sorry non UK readers – Google her) and pensioners.

However this all changed when we bought our first home – a new build in Birmingham. As is often the case with new build properties, the garden was boring with a capital B. A tiny patio and a patch of grass. BORING.

We stared at it from January (when we moved in) until May and then decided that something needed to be done. We enlisted the help of my very DIY-able family to help and began Project Garden. We expanded the patio, which was only two slabs wide, to be five slabs wide (and therefore actually usable for eating and socialising outside). The garden was on a fairly steep slope so we had to move a lot of soil in order to make a flat area for the patio to fill. The solution to having a massive amount of earth lying around? We made some raised flower beds and dug log border roll in around the outside. A few bits of trellis, a lick of protective wood stain, and some hanging baskets later and we were done (for last summer at least). Our four house bunnies now had a hopping spot to be proud of.

So that’s how I found my love of gardening. It feels very grown up to choose to water the garden after work on sunny days, to dead head plants and to mow the lawn, but we’ve discovered how happy a nice outdoor space makes us. Plus, it was bloody hard work to improve it, and we now feel the need to try to keep as many of the plants alive as possible (I don’t have a particularly good track record with this – I once killed a cactus).

I know that this is a bit of a change from the wedding crafts, but I hope that you enjoy the pics,

Big love,

DIY Bride x

















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