When deciding the overall colours we wanted for the wedding, we decided on lots of white. My family are growing lots of wildflowers for the wedding, and they will hopefully provide a riot of colour on their own. To liven up the white the only suitable option was, of course, glitter!

I’ve already blogged about the glitter candle holders I made (here:, and about the Mr & Mrs sign that I spray painted gold and added gold glitter to. To say that I am a fan of glitter is an understatement. I love glittery nail varnish, gold twinkly lights, and I even have some gold glitter-tipped shoes. I used to stick tiny sparkly stars to the corners of my eyes as a teenager as part of my Reading Festival “look”.

I was looking for glittery place settings/name cards online, and they were quite frankly extortionate. So I did what any self-respecting crafty girl would do…made ’em myself. I used gold glitter fabric tape (less messy, and really easy to use), black illustrators pens, and blank white name cards. Enjoy the wedding/craft porn…










I’m really pleased with how they have turned out.

Big love (and glitter),

DIY Bride x


P.S. I bought the name cards here: (A bargainous £4!)

And the glitter fabric tape here:


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