So I say thank you for the music…



This post isn’t really about DIYing for our wedding, as it’s about how I went about finding our wedding DJ. As we are making, growing or buying most things for our wedding, I seriously considered getting an iPod/iPad/laptop and just making some playlists in iTunes or Spotify, especially as we have got quite specific taste in the type of music that we would like played at our wedding. Also, our venue is really accommodating and said that several bookings before us had opted to do their own music. However, I tend to think that wedding music is one of the few things that you can’t really do yourself at our style of wedding (unless you have lots of gifted friends or family members). We have got a super-talented pianist playing during the ceremony and during our meal, and we have recently found an ace DJ.

There were two main reasons in my decision NOT to DIY the evening reception music. Firstly, I didn’t want to have to worry about the music not working/the mood of the music being wrong/no-one dancing. This is the sort of thing that could definitely put a dampener on the evening reception. I did not want to have to be sorting out music on my wedding day, and I certainly didn’t want one of our guests to have to do this for us. They have made the effort to be there for our special day, and they should be celebrating with us rather than being glued to a device.

The second reason came one lazy afternoon when I decided to type ‘Birmingham DJ’ into Google. I have never hired a DJ before so wasn’t quite sure what I’d find. After looking through several of the sites from the multitude of results generated, I noticed something. Many of the websites I had looked at were tired, unprofessional looking, and dated. To be blunt, a few of them conjured up the stereotypical image of an aging, beer-bellied guy who shouts out cringe-worthy cliches over rubbish cheesy music (I know that this is not the case with the majority of DJs actually in person, however a few of their websites gave off this impression).

Then I came across a website that made me look twice. It was modern, professionally done, and stood out compared to the others I had seen. What sealed the deal was that Chris is a specialist rock & indie DJ. Amaze.

I sent across a massive list of songs that we wanted to play (I’ve got organisation problems, don’t judge me) and Chris made several suggestions of other bands/songs that he could play also – all things I wished I’d included in my original list, so he got the sort of thing we were looking for straight away. He got the sort of music we wanted – classic crowd pleasing dance-able music to get everyone up on the dance floor to begin the night, then incorporating more rock/indie music as the night progresses. Our wedding is going to be a ‘Gangnam style’-esque music free zone. The only song with dance moves that I am likely to request is ‘Rollin’ by Limp Bizkit. Pause for sixth form memory montage…

…At any rate, I’m sure he will have our dance floor rocking until the wee hours. If you’re looking for a DJ for a party or event, definitely give Chris’ website a nose (

Big love,

DIY Bride x



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