Save the date!

As we are doing our wedding on a budget we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on ‘save the date’ cards, however we did want to make sure that our nearest and dearest could make it to our wedding (as we are getting married during prime summer holiday time).

We decided to fit in with the book theme, and give guests a taste of the wedding day itself, by sending them a ‘book cover’ postcard. Penguin do a box set of 100 famous book covers so we used these to get in touch (Tangent alert: there are all sorts of sets of these online. There is a Pixar set, and a Pantone set, both of which are pretty awesome and would even look good displayed in your house). 





Bonus shot of me looking excited when posting them! 

photo (7)

I made a logo on a free site (one of the ones that I mentioned in my earlier post about free wedding printables) with the date and wedding venue, guillotined them and stuck them on the back. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, okey dokey artichokey and Bob’s your uncle…sorted!

I also added all of our guests’ addresses to our wedding spreadsheet – NERDY but AWESOME. This way when it comes to sending out the full invitations in November/December we have all the addresses in the same place and they are nice and easy to update if anyone moves house.

What have you used for your save the dates? If you’ve made your own then get in touch – I’d love to blog about what you did.

Big love,

DIY Bride x


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