Paint it black…or green

B and I bought our first home just over two and a half years ago, and we still love living here. It’s a new three storey, three bedroom town house with a little garden and it suits us perfectly. I have done previous posts about our work in the garden (more to come) but this is one about interior decorating. 

According to standard new build protocol our house was a sea of magnolia paint (although we did get to choose our carpet, kitchen and tiles which was pretty good). We lived the magnolia life for a couple of years due to apathy/finances, however we finally got round to doing some painting a couple of months back. I’ve never understood why people pay to have their houses painted – it’s super easy, and mostly just common sense.





5 6 7

It’s looking pretty good so far. I’ve got the downstairs hallway to do still – it’s quite dark so hopefully a lick of paint will brighten it up. Next stop, the move from IKEA show home to upgraded ‘grown-up’ furniture…or not. I know it’s not seen as ‘cool’, but I LOVE IKEA. And meatballs. Don’t forget the meatballs. And lingonberry sauce. Nom nom nom.

Happy decorating.

Big love,

DIY Bride x


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