Gardening and being a grown up (kind of) part two…

Last summer’s project was covered in a blog post a while back, and turned our boring new-build garden into something a bit more interesting (catch up here: Gardening and being a grown up…). 

This summer we made the tough decision to move our house bunnies to new accommodation outside. They had been in the house for over two years, and had taken over the biggest of our three double bedrooms. They had chewed up a skirting board, eaten through various cables, and nibbled chunks out of our new carpet. Also, despite being cleaned out three times a week, their litter trays really honked. As much as we loved being able to snuggle with them on the sofa at night, they’d have more room and freedom outside.

It took a couple of days to build the platform and then to assemble the houses and paint them. We built the platforms from big pieces of wood bought from a DIY shop, and the houses were actually children’s play houses – one for Martha and Kass, and one for Big Lad and Night Fury. The following weekend we cut a hole in the side of each house and made a chute/tunnel for them to use to get into an outside run. Then it was a matter of putting in carpet, curtains (don’t judge me okay), solar fairy lights, and hedgehog boxes for them to snuggle in on colder nights. £500 later and they were finished!

We did a lot of reading up online about moving them outside. Most places said that if we moved them in the spring then when it started getting colder in the autumn they would adapt and grow a thicker undercoat etc. The first day we put them in their new houses from 9am – 6pm, then the next day from 8am – 10pm. On the third day they moved outside permanently. It was tough putting them out, but after a couple of days it became apparent that they were much happier outside. They had a cosy house to snuggle in at night, and a tunnel leading to an outside run with access to tasty grass, fresh air and sunshine all day. An added bonus was that the third bedroom has been turned into my wedding crafts lair, and all of the things we are accumulating in the run-up to the wedding can now be stored there.

Here’s a look at the pics of their new houses…





IMG_3012 IMG_3042 IMG_3043 IMG_3046


IMG_3049 IMG_3051 IMG_3052 IMG_3065 IMG_3167 IMG_3168 IMG_3172

IMG_3173 IMG_3197 IMG_3428 IMG_3587 IMG_3588 IMG_3593 IMG_3597 IMG_3599 IMG_3601 IMG_3602 IMG_3603 IMG_3604 IMG_3606 

Coming soon: a post about the charity we adopted some of our buns from.

Big love (and bunny cuddles),

DIY Bride x


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