The time has come…

I finally took down all of our engagement cards.

For nearly a year they were stuck to our first floor staircase. I started sticking them there when our collection outgrew the dining table, and I liked them so much that they became a bit of a feature.


It was nice to look at them and think of all of the lovely people who sent us cards, or even to reminisce about the day we got engaged…aaaaah soppy gooey moment. Sorry. I’m not usually prone to sentiment but I guess it got me there. 

Anywho, I have taken them all down. What’s that you say – did I get rid of them and embrace minimalism? No, they’re in a box (like most things). However I have a plan for a second life. On Pinterest (where else?!) i have seen books made by people binding together greetings cards. I thought it might be nice to wait until after the wedding and then bind all of our engagement and wedding cards into a book. I guess we will see whether this happens…to be honest, I strongly doubt that my crafting habit will end with the wedding.

Big love,

DIY Bride x


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