What a doll!

So, I previously blogged about having personalised bunting on top of our tower of cheese (which is staying), as well as a fimo model bunny bride and groom (which are not). This is mainly because of three reasons:

1) My fimo modelling skills suck.

2) I found something that looked better.

3) The fimo bunnies ears fell off.

Compelling reasons; I think you’d have to agree.

Sooooo, I found this amazing shop on Etsy (p.s. I’m o…b…s…e…s…s…e…d with Etsy) called Goose Grease. Don’t worry, they neither sell geese, or grease, or greasy geese. Ahem.

They do these amazing peg dolls that you can paint and customise yourself, or if you send them a piccie they can make them for you.



I have painted them and they look totally freakin’ sweet! I will post pics of the finished dolls after the wedding as I don’t want to reveal outfits online before the day. What are you having for your “cake” toppers?

Big love,

DIY Bride x


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