A couple of days ago was a wedmin day for me and the hubby-to-be. We went to the registry office to sort out our ceremony words and to pay the outstanding fee (£420 total for a civil ceremony ten minutes from the registry office…oof), swung by the hotel that we are staying at to confirm a few bits, and then stopped by our wedding venue for a spot of lunch and a beverage. It was a lovely day, and the food – and company of course – was great!

IMG_2213 IMG_3120 IMG_3121 IMG_3122 IMG_3123 IMG_3124 IMG_3125 IMG_3126 IMG_3127 IMG_3128 IMG_3129

Our wedding venue isn’t exclusive use, which makes it more affordable. We are getting married in a private suite, but when we come out after the ceremony for our drinks reception/photos there may be other people having a drink etc, although we will have separate reserved sections of the inside bar area and the patio fur us to use. If any non-wedding guests happen to walk past, it’s not as if they’re likely to intrude at any rate – apart from to perhaps say “congratulations”, which is lovely anyway. After the couple of hours for piccies/drinkies it’s back to the suite for the meal/speeches/evening party which is all private use for us too.

Sitting there having lunch a few days ago was lovely and really made us both look forward to the wedding even more. Roll on July!

Big love,

DIY Bride x


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