We went to the registry office over the Easter hols to talk to the registrar about the timings for the day, plus the readings and what responses we’d like etc. We also discussed additional vows…I’m not sure about this, as I think it’s a hard thing to pitch without being to sappy, or too panto, but we’ve been considering adding in some extra vows to our ceremony. This is mainly because:

1) It’ll add some extra personality to our civil ceremony.

2) Registrars are expensive (£420!) so making our ceremony last longer than the usual half an hour might make this better value for money…or not.

3) It gives me a chance to open my big gob. I toyed with the idea of doing a speech, but I think I’ll cover what I want to say in these vows, and let the hubby (eep) do the rest after foodage…it’ll free me up to relax and sample the wine.

Did you do your own vows? Or are you planning to? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Big love,

DIY Bride x

P.s. Would this be an appropriate vow (#kiddingnotkidding)? A variation of something that I say to B a lot…



2 thoughts on “Vows

  1. I think saying extra vows is a brilliant idea, particularly for a civil ceremony. Those things that you say through a hymn or a reading at a religious ceremony can be said through other readings such as poems or extra vows at a civil ceremony. I think it personalises your wedding day, and you can even surprise each other on the day with what you choose to say! 😊

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