Why oh why are buttonholes so expensive? It’s like three flowers with a bit of foliage tied together with floristry tape? Plus if it’s a warm day they’re normally looking a bit ropey by the speeches. £15-£25 each? Oof.

With this in mind we decided to use the amazing site that is (what else?) Etsy to source our buttonholes, and to also have the added bonus of supporting independent crafty businesses. I stumbled across flowers made out of paper (getting warmer), and then onto flowers made out of book pages (theme met – tick!), and then finally flowers made out of pages from an old copy of Pride and Prejudice. Swoon.

IMG_2476 IMG_2477

I ordered one each for B and his boys, one for his dad, and one each for the mums…because let’s face it, why should they be left out?

I’m going to put some gypsophila/babies breath behind the paper rose for the big day, and I think they’re going to look super awesome, plus they might last longer than the day itself which would be a plus of course.

I’d love to hear what you or your friends have had as buttonholes; I’ve seen some great original stuff on other blogs – Lego themed buttonholes; Doctor Who; even Star Wars. I not-so-secretly would have loved this, but I don’t think B would have been as impressed as me.

Big love,

DIY Bride x


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