DIY Invitations

Invitations can be super expensive, so I decided to put my arty/crafty side to good use and make ours from scratch. We thought about getting some printed online, as a few of my friends have done that and they’ve been really ace, but I fancied getting out the craft knife and glue gun (any excuse) so I went HARDCORE CRAFT (warning: craft knives are super sharp, and glue guns are super hot. I definitely didn’t cut/burn myself while making these, honest #itotallydid).

I bought one hundred 13cm square brown greeting cards with enveloped from Amazon, cut up lots of 10cm square pieces of an old book that was being thrown away by our library, and hand illustrated some bits for the cover and inside. I chopped up some bit of a roll of East of India heart print ribbon. I scanned then photocopied my illustrated bits, then spent a long time chopping up bits of paper. I blogged in a previous post about gold washi taping all of the envelopes, and putting gold polka dot stickers inside them. I ordered some custom stickers for the back cover from my go-to personalisation heaven…Etsy. All of this was then painstakingly assembled by me, B, my mom, and one of my fab bridesmaids.

They cost around a bargainous 30 pence each in the end…so it’s well worth making your own invitations if you have the time and inclination.

image[4] image[3] imageimage[5] image[2] image[1] Invite details Invite info Invite cover IMG_5954  IMG_5952 IMG_5955 IMG_5953IMG_5997 IMG_5998  IMG_5951

Big love, and happy crafting!

DIY Bride xx


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