Pom-Pom Bunnies

Has there ever been a better blog post title than this one?

Let’s consider it for a second…





I was lucky enough to win a Rock ‘n Roll Bride giveaway for two tickets to the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza (or EWE as it’s called) held in Birmingham’s Fazeley Studios earlier this year. I took a good friend along who is getting married mere weeks after we are (due to my excellent matchmaking skills, if I do say so myself!) and we had a fab time checking out fabulous and unusual wedding ideas.

I met a lovely lady called Sharelle, who loved planning her own wedding so much that she set up her own events and wedding planning company called Apple Tree Events. At the EWE Sharelle had some super cute sheep made out of felt and pom-poms, and a few days later I got in touch to see if she could make me some bunnies for part of our table decorations (in a mix of white, and white & grey). I am collecting the little guys in a couple of weeks and I’m super excited…I’ve had a couple of sneak-peek pics sent through and they look amazing, see…



…I know right.

I’ll post another update once they have all arrived. Hoppy weekend!

Big love,

DIY Bride x


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