Less DIY Bride, more just DIY

I got some cute mixed-media art prints (drawings/paintings done on old pages from books) given to me as a gift and wanted to frame them going along our steep staircase in a long row. There are six of them and I wanted to make sure that they were hanging in a *relatively* straight line.

I decided to use masking tape to help. I stuck the tape to the wall along the same angle as the incline of the stairs, then used a tape measure to make equidistant crosses where I’d then put each picture hook. It turned out well, considering that my fiance – and all of my family and friend – will tell you that I’m a complete clumsy mess, and that my nicknames include ‘SMASHER’ and ‘codename: Tumble-smash’ (the latter of the two being given to me following a) an incident where I managed to break my arm while walking, b) a discussion of various presidential code names, my favourite being the one for Barack Obama – ‘Renegade’).

Here’s how they looked during and after:

image photo image[2] image[1] image[4] image[5] image[6]More wedding stuff to come soon!

Big love,

DIY Bride x


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