Invisible suspended flower garlands!

Along with other twinkly things to go with out white and gold base colours, I bought an 8 x 3 metre wall of fairy lights to hang up behind where we are getting married. I came up with the ides of making a wall of suspended artificial flowers to hang overlapping this, so that the vertical lines would go lights. flowers, lights, flowers, and so on.

You will need:

Artificial flowers (I got 200 artificial daisies for less than £4 from Amazon).

Crimping beads; I used silver ones.

Some good pliers.

A needle, thimble (believe me, you’ll need it to protect your poor fingers) and scissors.

Invisible nylon thread.

To make:

I made 20 garlands in total so decided I would use 10 flowers per garland, and that I wanted them to be about six/seven feet long. I threaded on each daisy through where the stem would be, emerging through the centre of the top of the flower. You then thread a crimping bead on and squish (is that a technical term?!) it with the pliers. If you let go of the daisy it should then catch itself on the bead and stay suspended. To space my flowers evenly I used what I had handy…my hand (awful pun, apologies). I spaced each daisy roughly a hand (from tips of fingers to wrist) apart to make sure that they looked relatively even.

I hung the finished garlands from a bookcase for a while…until we got a kitten who saw them as the perfect toy to bat around…cue mucho de tangling! Then the fiance had the clever idea of using an old double duvet cover and rolling them up inside it. We laid one garland on the far edge of the cover, then folded a little bit of the material over, and then repeated this until all twenty were inside, and untangled! This should hopefully mean they are relatively easy to hang once I am at the venue to set up the suite the day before the wedding.

Here’s the results:

# Jam Jars (1) # Jam Jars (2) IMG_4461 IMG_4462 IMG_4463 IMG_4464 IMG_4465 IMG_4466

Happy crafting!

Big love,

DIY Bride x


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