My blog has been a bit (okay a lot) neglected since the wedding. I guess once the crafting frenzy abated and normal life – and work – resumed, the impetus to blog regularly was gone. However, I will always be crafting something, so I decided to keep my blog and use it for general craft projects too. I also have lots of epic wedding photos that show off the final result of a year and a half of tulle pom-pom making, glue-gunning, confetti-punching, and all the rest of it!

Recently I got into book folding art (after a book themed wedding I’ve got a lot of lovely old hardback books), and made this for a rhino-obsessed friend for Christmas. Needless to say it went down a storm and I’m planning lots more with different designs for wedding/new baby/birthday presents in the future.


I bought the template from Etsy, where there are literally hundreds of different designs to choose from. All you need is a pencil, a ruler and a book, so pretty simple really. I’d say it took me around 4 hours to make. I’ll keep you posted with future projects (once they’ve been gifted of course).

Big love,

DIY bride x


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